Welcome to Greenlight at 
Union Square!

Located at 275 East Ave in the City of Rochester, 

Union Square is a unique addition to the Inner Loop project with an outdoor Urban Space that provides public spaces for active edges and lively streets! 


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Union Square has access to New York's fastest Internet service, Greenlight Networks! With our equipment already installed and onsite, getting Greenlight is as simple as order, plug and play!

Stay connected online and stream your favorite shows without buffering, lag time or slow download speeds. Fast Internet is essential to live, work  and learn from home - make the right choice and get Greenlight at Union Square today!

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Fast. Simple. Fiber.

Why Speed Matters

Whether you are video chatting, doing your homework online, playing your favorite online games, or all of these at the same time —you are probably using more broadband than you think. Modern homes require a huge amount of bandwidth. Fiber Internet from Greenlight offers the fastest, most reliable connection so you don’t experience any disruptions. Learn more about why fiber is the best choice for Internet service here.

Stream your Favorite Shows at Union Square

With a Gig from Greenlight, you can binge without buffering, 24/7. Discover how to stream your shows and movies today and visit our Cut the Cord page!

Recommended Routers

Don't tie yourself down to one spot! Get a wireless connection to your Greenlight speeds with one of our Recommended Routers!

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Get Connected with Greenlight @ Union Square

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Place your order for the package that meets your
day-to-day I
nternet needs. Our $100 installation fee will be waived once your order has been processed!

Need your service activated the same day you place
your order? Once you have received your confirmation email, contact the Support Team and provide your
account number and unit number to have your service activated immediately!


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