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APEX Apartments!

An innovative student housing community located at 380 John Street, Rochester, NY 14623


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APEX Apartments includes Greenlight Networks’ ultra-high-speed Internet service!

Each apartment comes with a separate service connection in EACH bedroom, providing speeds up to 500Mbps download & 50 Mbps upload. All multi-bedroom apartments also have a separate service connection in the common room! 

We’ve installed thousands of feet of fiber-optic
cables in the ground and through the walls at
APEX Apartments along with a 10GB connection to the 2nd floor Gaming Lounge to ensure that the fastest and most reliable network is available for you to
live, work and play!

Fast. Simple. Fiber.

Stream your Favorite Shows at APEX Apartments

With a Gig from Greenlight, you can binge without buffering, 24/7. Discover how to stream your shows and movies today and visit our Cut the Cord page!

Recommended Routers

Don't tie yourself down to one spot! Get a wireless connection to your Greenlight speeds with one of our Recommended Routers! 

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Free WiFi available at APEX

Enjoy community WiFi in all common areas and outdoor courtyards. Provided by STRATIS and ran on Greenlight's fiber-optic Internet service. Connect today under the network, STRATIS Connect.

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Need More Bandwidth?

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Upgrade your Speeds at Anytime!

Place your order for the desired upgrade speed, once this has been placed please submit a request here with the following information filled out: Name, Address, Apartment Number, Email, Phone Number, and Upgrade Option.

Upgrade pricing information: 

  • Buckle Up-$50.00/mo. Up to 750 Mbps download and up to 75 Mbps upload speed.
  • The Big Gig-$75.00/mo. Up to 1,000* Mbps download and up to 100 Mbps upload speed.
  • Static IP-$10.00/mo.

Upgrade with Greenlight Today!

Please note the order form will not reflect the upgrade pricing listed above.
Once we have received the request email the changes to pricing will be applied. 

           Freedom to work, play & live without limits. 

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